Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Research and Development

Providing innovative solutions that take concepts to the shelf, reduce waste, and meet the bottom line. Indulgent and gourmet, clean label, better-for-you options, value brands, sourcing solutions, and process engineering are things we keep in mind when developing our products.



Packaging and Labeling

Contact us for details about custom packaging solutions and current packaging. Current offerings range from bulk packaging for food service and clubs stores to retail and convenient individually packaged items.

Flexibility, Cost, & Value

Baking with integrity every day to deliver dependability, value, and quality that you can see and taste. One size does not fit all. Our partners have unique needs. We work with our individuals and teams to develop specialized products and pricing designed to help our partners thrive. Over the years Muffin Mam has built healthy lasting relationships with vendors to deliver dependability, flexibility, and value.



Ideal solutions for expanding commercial bakers, supply chain management, and strategic partnerships.