Our Foundational Values

Respect, Integrity, Family, and Social Responsibility.

Our Story

Our founder, Stephanie Croley began her path as the Muffin “Mam” in 1990, when she took out a small loan to start a small café in Greenville, SC. She balanced caring for her daughters, community engagement, family life, and running a successful café. In her own words, “I just knew I had to make a living, and I liked to bake.”

Things really began to take off in 1992.

Stephanie saw the potential and opened up a wholesale bakery with 8 employees. The Muffin Mam, Inc. ended the first year as a wholesale bakery at a half of a million in sales.

By 1994…

The company had outgrown its modest manufacturing facility and moved into a larger production plant, in Greenville, SC. The product line expanded to include crème cakes and pound cakes. In time new flavors were added and the Muffin Mam grew to be a major distributor throughout the southeast.


It was clear The Muffin Mam would need to find an even larger facility in order to meet the demand. Sales grew exponentially during those 4 years at the 2nd production plant.

By 1999…

The company moved into the 3rd and current production facility located in Simpsonville, SC. Over the years we have refined our processes, developed efficient systems, and built lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers. We have remained strong through 25 years of industry growth and market changes.

In 2014…

Stephanie passed away, leaving the business to her three daughters, and in the care of the companies dedicated leaders.


The Muffin Mam continues to operate in Simpsonville, SC. Muffin Mam products can be found in all four corners of the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and many South American countries.

Mission and Vision


We are committed to passionately serving people and exceeding industry expectations, to help our partners and employees thrive. We bake with integrity every day, delivering dependability, value, and quality that you can see and taste.


Serving our associates and partners with compassion and innovation to create quality products that can be enjoyed for generations.