Muffin Mam seeks individuals to establish a culture of inclusion that brings out the best in the team. The culture is one of seeking perfection in production, packaging, and execution of the schedule. The goal is to meet a schedule with the optimum efficiency, lowest cost, and highest quality product possible.

Do these words describe you? If so, we want you to join our team!

Curious * Problem Solver * Mechanically-inclined * Analytically-inclined * Excellent verbal skills
Good Listener * Able to Convert Instructions into Actions * Mentors and Develops Fellow Team Members



At Muffin Mam, the HR Generalist focuses on understanding what our team members need and knowing how to provide it. A qualified and resourceful HR Generalist ensures smooth and efficient business operations within our company.  The HR Generalist has both administrative and strategic responsibilities, helping us to plan and administer important functions, such as staffing, training and development, and compensation and benefits. At Muffin Mam, we understand that our business thrives when our team members thrive, and a strong HR Generalist is key in helping our business advance. Click HERE to apply now!

Muffin Mam’s Administrative Assistant/Receptionist will handle routine and advanced duties for the CEO and COO of the company, as well as for additional members of the office staff as needed. Additionally, he/she will be a welcoming personality in greeting guests as they enter our production facility. This person will organize files, create correspondence, prepare reports and documents, manage calendars to schedule appointments, sort and distribute mail and/or packages, and offer general staff support. He/she will serve as an initial point of contact for Muffin Mam by answering phones and greeting all visitors to our facility, as well as being responsible for meeting set-up in the conference area. This position is a support position, meaning that communications and decision-making are paramount. Click HERE to apply now!

The Production Planner/Schedule ensures that Muffin Mam’s products are produced in the most cost-effective way and that they meet high-quality specifications. The person in this position makes sure that delicious baked goods are ready to distribute to customers in a timely fashion and improves Muffin Mam’s production and distribution processes. The ultimate goal of the Production Planner/Scheduler is to ensure that the production and distribution of Muffin Mam’s products runs smoothly.  Click HERE to apply now!

This team member ensures that batter is mixed and delivered to the depositor. This person makes appropriate adjustments to the depositor to ensure proper weight control and placement of batter in the baking pans. Additionally, he/she is responsible for using the appropriate recipe on the Depositor, Panel View for the Tunnel Oven, as well as Damper Settings for the Oven and the Panel View recipe for the shuttle conveyors feeding the oven. The depositor operator will be cross-trained to operate the mixing equipment. Click HERE to apply now!

This team member will be stationed at the end of the oven. Job duties include observing product exiting the oven and providing feedback to the Depositor/Oven Operator on baking attributes (color, overbaked, underbaked, etc.) This operator will clear pan jams at the discharge end of the oven. Other duties will include racking off product on baking racks. This person will also maintain the speed and operation of the ambient spiral to cool the product. Click HERE to apply now!

This team member will set up and configure the packaging lines according to the needs of the products made in the baking process. Duties will include pulling packaging and labels from inventory and setting up the line with the necessary materials to pack items scheduled from production. This operator will be trained to troubleshoot, diagnose and fix problems with the labeling equipment. Click HERE to apply now!