Clean Label

Clean Label is no longer considered a millennial food trend.
It is a food movement that transcends the  generational gaps.

Whether shoppers know and use the term “clean label” or not, they are definitely looking for products packaging that makes it easier to calculate health benefits and understand the nutritional impact. We are committed to Clean Label, not because we have to, because we know consumers are looking for the option when shopping the deli bakery section at their local grocers’.

Clean label is not a government regulation, it is a demand from consumers, which leaves its definition up to interpretation. At Muffin Mam, we believe Clean Label is defined by a commitment to removing undesirable ingredients.

Ingredients are selected for simplicity – free from 150+ artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and additives.

(click the link above to view Simply Southern’s complete “Free From” list list)

Available in five flavors:

Apple Cinnamon

Banana Nut


Chocolate Chip

Lemon Crunch