What to Expect

Production operates on 12 hour shifts, 7 days per week.  Some weekend work is required.  Muffin “Mam” associates work a minimum of 4 days (48 hours per week, of which 8 hours are OT) with the option to pick up a 5th day.  We work hard to provide at least 2 days in a row off together, however consecutive days off are not guaranteed.

1st shift – 6am to 6pm (12hrs)
2nd Shift 6pm to 6am (12hrs)
Individual schedules are established on a weekly basis.


Muffin Mam associates are cross trained to enhance their growth and development within the company.  Understanding the entire process, how to support your team, and each positions value to the process is critical to creating quality products.

Make-up Team

  • Scaler/Mixer operator
    • Pull ingredients from the warehouse to the mixing room (heavy lifting)
    • Measure and prepare ingredients for the mixer according to the recipes specifications
    • Ensure food safety and sanitation practices are being utilized throughout the department
    • Assemble ingredients according to the recipe instructions (heavy lifting)
    • Produce batches in a timely fashion and set the pace for production
  • Depositor Operator
    • Oversee the pace and flow of the entire depositor line
    • Take sample weights of batter
    • Monitor and adjust equipment to ensure the proper weights are being distributed
  • Pan Prep/Line Feed Operator
    • Prepare pans clean pans for the depositor line
    • Set pans on the depositor line and control the pace for depositing the batter
  • Rack-on/Rack-Off
    • Move the pans from the line to the rack and prepare the rack for the oven operator
    • Remove finished product from the oven rack and prepare product for packing department
  • Oven/Cooling Tunnel Operator
    • Set the raw product in the oven
    • Set the time and temperature
    • Control the oven use and rotation
    • Monitor oven performance and the finished product
    • Transition finished product to the cooling tunnel
    • Set the oven tunnel to the correct speed
    • Monitor fan operations
    • Organize finished racks for the rack-off team

Packing Team

  • Product Placement
    • Transition product from the de-panning station to the conveyor
    • Check condition of the product
    • Remove products that do not meet Muffin Mam standards
    • Communicate with managers about product conditions
    • Monitor product weight to ensure it meets specifications
  • Packaging Support
    • Places lids on top of ring cakes or places cakes and muffins in packaging and / or
    • Closes lids on Ring Cakes.
    • Visually inspects the product.
  • Case Packer
    • Packs product in cases and monitor labels for placement and accuracy.
    • Visually inspects the product.
  • Palletizer
    • Builds pallets of product for shipping.
    • Repeatedly lifts cases weighing up to 25lb.
    • Pulls pallets of packaging from the warehouse with a pallet jack.  Keeps track of how much finished product is produced.
  • Box Prep
    • Assembles corrugated containers.
    • Operates the tape machine during production.


Good communication skills. Ability to be an effective member of a team. Ability to work with minimal supervision. Ability to prioritize work and make informed decisions. Some positions require more reading and math skills than other positions.


(not required)

HACCP, SQF, Safe Food Handling, and GMP training. Experience Handling Food Processing Equipment: Label Machine, Case Packer, Conveyor Systems, Mixers, Ovens, Depositors.  Lean Six Sigma. Certified Forklift Driver with working operational knowledge of warehouse equipment, i.e. pallet jacks, palletizer.

All applicants must be willing to work at least 4 /12 hour shifts, some weekends and holidays. All applications should be submitted through our careers link.