About Us

What Customers Are Hungry For

Muffin Mam is a GFSI certified wholesale bakery with a global footprint. Our customers include some of the world’s largest retailers and food service outlets.

We specialize in creme cakes, pound cakes, angel food cakes, and, of course, gourmet muffins.

Our Research and Development is constantly testing out new recipes, many specially requested by customers. We love working with customers who want to try something new. And our quick turnaround operation has the flexibility and skill to turn on a dime to put that new product on your shelf fast.

Muffin Mam’s idea of innovation is responding to the customer’s needs with collaboration, quality and flexibility.

That approach to innovation is baked into every muffin, every cake, every day.


We are committed to passionately serving people and exceeding industry expectations, to help our partners and employees thrive. We bake with integrity every day, delivering dependability, value, and quality that you can see and taste.


Serving our associates and partners with compassion and innovation to create quality products that can be enjoyed for generations.