Muffin Mam’s customers include some of the world’s largest retailers and food service outlets.
With our distribution marking a global footprint, our company takes great pride in being a
certified wholesale bakery by the Global Food Safety Institute (GFSI).

Of course we make delicious gourmet muffins, but did you know that we also specialize in…

Now that our new production facility is in operation, we are excited to now offer a complete selection
of sheet cakes (fully decorated, base iced, and uniced). You should see our dessert cakes!

Our research and development team is constantly testing out new recipes, many of which
have been specifically requested by our customers. We love working with our customers to explore
ideas and try new things! Our quick turnaround operation has the flexibility and agility to put those
new ideas on the shelves or your store quickly.

Muffin Mam defines innovation as responding to the needs of our customers
with quality, collaboration, and flexibility. That approach to innovation is
baked into every muffin, every cake, every day.